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Premier Wholesaler, Serving the Wholesale Community Since 2001 - PremierWholesaler is a Worldwide Wholesale Liquidation Distributor and Global Exporter specializing in liquidated merchandise. Wholesale Used Shoes, Second Hand Used Shoes, Recycled Shoes, Used Sneakers by the pound lb., Premier Wholesale has the lowest prices on Wholesale Used Shoes and Recycled Used Sneakers. We offer Grade A Used Shoes, Baled Used Second Hand Sneakers & Used Athletics for Export ... We are the internets leading wholesale used shoe supplier, distributor, dealer, exporter of wholesale baled used shoes, sneakers & footwear. Used Shoes and Used Sneakers Perfect for Africa, Asia, Middle East Used Product Market.

Used Clothing Exporter, Used Clothes Supplier, Dealer, Distributor of Quality Recycled Summer Grade, Used Clothes, Garments, Apparel. Best Wholesale Prices around. Major Supplier of Used Clothes, Offering Second Hand Clothes, Worn Clothing, Used Blue Jeans and Used Bulk Clothing by the Pound for Export to Africa, Middles East, Asia, Latin America, Europe, etc. Special Low Prices on Used Summer Clothing Grade B, A, A+ Premium, Winter Clothes, Used Denim Jeans, Grade A Children's Clothing, House Rummage & Thrift Used.

We are SEASONED EXPORTERS, in the Wholesale Export Business for 18+ years offering the Best Used Shoes, Recycled Wholesale Sneakers, & Used Footwear.